Atmosphere Office is a communication design practice based in Shanghai. We work on visual identity, printed matter, website, space, packaging and product in collaboration with commercial clients and cultural institutions. Atmosphere Office also runs its own product brand City Tent™.
  Our senses are being flushed by torrents of information. In a situation like this it is hard to have firm grasp on anything. Perhaps likes and followers are the last straws we can clutch at. However at Atmosphere Office we believe popularity should not be the only gauge for good design. We try to discuss questions with design: what kind of a world do we want to live in and how can we move toward it? The challenge for us is to make progress with products and content, and to make design continue to serve people’s cultural and material life.

We are

He Rongkai
Creative Director
  Rongkai founded Atmosphere Office in Shanghai in 2017 and currently working as its Creative Director. He is a MA Visual Communication graduate from Royal College of Art, BA Graphic and Media Design from London College of Communication and a Bachelor of Engineering, Industrial Design from Beijing Institute of Technology. Rongkai worked in Nick Bell Design in London from 2011–2013, in 2015 after his return to China he co-founded Sudden Design with MadeIn Company. Rongkai was a visiting lecturer at Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts Detao School of Design.

Sun Yufei
Art Director
  Sun Yufei graduated from China Academy of Art with a BA degree in Digital Publishing Design. In 2017 he self-published Please Mix the Special Supplements magazine in collaboration with extra_tissue. This work has been selected for Tokyo Type Directors €lub Annual 2018.

Sui Jianing
Senior Designer
  Sui Jianing graduated from Nanjing University of the Arts majoring in MA Graphic Design. With a passion in Chinese traditional culture, her masters studies was mainly focused on the research and practice of Chinese type design. Her poster work was selected for Lahti International Poster Triennial in 2014.

Mao Youran
  Mao Youran graduated from Parsons School of Design in 2021 majoring in BFA Communication Design. She has great passion in both graphic design and illustration. Her work had been featured by ArtsThread New York and WIX Playground.

Yang Hengbin
  Yang Hengbin had an education background in Economics. Later he focused his career on visual communication due to a great passion in fashion industry. Hengbin has a specialty in photography and had experience in fashion photography both as producer and photographer. His work has been published in magazines including Vogue Italy and the National Geography.

Work with us

We currently don't have full time job opportunity open.
  We have internship opportunities open irregularly. To apply for an internship, please send an email to Please introduce yourself briefly in the email, attach your curriculum vitae and portfolio in PDF format. Attachments may not exceed 10MB combined.

Clients and Collaborators

• Chongming Bureau of Culture and Tourism, Shanghai
• Center for Balance Architecture, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou
• He Xiangning Art Museum, Shenzhen
• HomeFacialPro, Guangzhou
• HyundaiMotor Studio, Beijing
• Junming Group, Guangzhou
• Klein Sun Gallery, New York City
• MadeIn Company, Shanghai
• MadeIn Gallery, Shanghai
• Modern Media, Shanghai
• Nike+ Run Club, Shanghai
• OpenArt, Shanghai
• Red Star Macalline, Shanghai
• UOOYAA, Shanghai
• UCCA, Beijing
• UCCASTORE, Beijing
• ZUCZUG/, Shanghai

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Instagram: atmosphereoffice

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Address: Room 304, Building 3, 2354 Xietu Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai, 200030 China